Business Applications

Our Apps automates process & grows positive work culture.
Our ingenuity is driven by simple human drives.

Building Management

Our Building Complain - management system lets you create your own ecosystem as to how your best practice is monitored, reported, tracked, resolved, and analyze. More importantly, it serves as an auto-response and tracker to every query/complaint submitted. This automated process guarantees that all parties are always up to date on how issues are being resolved and reviewed. As a great additional value, precise data and analysis are easily available to better plan and manage future complaints or how to reduce them.

Got It

Got it is a mobile app that stores and tracks all of our promises and commitments to one and another. More importantly, it helps everyone to avoid sending reminders to each other. Got it is a simple tool that may very well improve many things in our work, projects, or even life.
Got it is extendable, from tracking to rewarding, and this is done through a positive gamification and escalation capabilities. It has also the ability to Clearly illustrate loads and achievements of team members or co-workers.

Digital Business

Process Ecosystem

We design and develop digital platforms and applications that seamlessly enhance simple and effective processing through understanding elements of the human, business, and technology aspects involve in each solution.